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kim (clicktastic) wrote,
@ 2003-04-03 00:28:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:i want a lover i dont have to love -bright eyes

    its hump day =)
    johns the best. he lets us watch dawson's creek at his apartment. maad cool points for that. i'm becoming way to obsessed with that show. grace nearly had to keep me from breaking into tears when something bad happened at the end of the episode. it was a tragedy.

    we went out to outback last night. they sang to clem and everything! i also decided that its a requirment to be hot to work there. i was defffinitely not on my game the entire evening(am i ever?). i went to get 20$ out of the atm and accidentally put an extra zero on the end, and all of the sudden 10 twenties popped out, i was so confused. haha, what a dumbass. not to mention all the near death experiences we had in my car..
    we ended up goin an drinkin a lil bit for clem's birthday. clem wore the outfit me and shawn left in his closet(pink pants, hawaiin shirt) so that made my night, haha.

    there was a sexual assault in the cage monday. the freaky part is that it happend at 11am. thats just shitty. not to mention scary.

    but its getting late, and dereks trying to make me have sex with him over the webcam so i think its time to go, haha, comment god damnit

    xoxo kim

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