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Melissa (claysecretlvr) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 12:30:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:"7 days..." O.O

    7 days....
    yes thats right...ive got 7 days left to live. let me explain, last night at the halloween party we watched the ring. god that movie scared the holy living shit out of me. so far the "scariest" movie that i have ever seen was signs so seeing the ring was a HUGE step up for me. of course everyone at the party except for a couple of people had already seen the ring. becca and her twin sister kirsten who were the ones hosting the party love that movie and have seen it 7 times already. so of course they told me when a scary part would come up. except whe they forgot a few things like at the beginning at the funeral when the woman is talking to the girls mother (the girl died from watching the movie) and the girls mother says, "and i saw her face..." and it does a flashback from when she finds her daughter in the closet it shoes her face and what she looked like and oh my freakin god everybody screamed bloody murder cause her face was the scariest thing in the whole movie except at the end when t semera (the girl in the video) crawls out of the tv. *shivers* and last night when i tried to sleep i got home at 11:30 and after 10 minutes of me being in bed and listening to my clay cd the batterites died. >_>; how pleasant. so yeah the party was fun. at the end becca took me in their bathroom and said, "oh have you seen the ring in our bathroom?" and i said no and she went in and told me to look at the window (the shades are down) then she pulls the shades up really fast and i screamed so loud because at night when she does that the light outside the bathroom makes the exact repleca shape of the ring in the movie. just the ring and no light whatsoever anywhere else. after i screamed i went back into the movie room and was holding my cheast breathing and laughing at the same time. i also at the end won best costume cause 3 people so far had voted for me and everyone else was playing with their party gifts and not paying attention so they were like ok melissa you won! ^_^ tanky car-chan for letting me borrow thew dress!


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