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Sir Casonova (claudezilla_22) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 23:13:00
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    Current mood:daaaaaa
    Current music:Star Wars

    I think I am goign to start using blurty again, because no one will reply to it and read it. So it's like a real journal for me to express myself in.
    Well, my day was....lets just say I've seen better. Much better.
    I went to church this morning, which was awesome. "The message" as my church calls it, really seemed to speak to me. God is so awesome and works in so many different ways. The message was about being patient, and waiting for God to show himself in your life. Be patient, and things will look up. That really seemed to touch me and my life. It was just awesome how much that related to my life!!!!! God is so awesome, and works through so many different things, and people. I think God put Anna in my life, to help me. I have grown so much, and gone so far since the first time I ever looked into her beautiful eyes. Anna really helped me to find my faith in God again, and I thank her so much for that. She has ment so much to me and has been such an AWESOME friend to me. With her, I have gone so far, and changed so much, for the better. I am proud of myself, and not what I do. God put her in my life for a reason. Everday, I find new reasons for why she has been in my life. She is so awesome, I truly love her.

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