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Sir Casonova (claudezilla_22) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 22:29:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:The noises of Marlin's fans boo'ing the Yankees

    Oh man if yall notice how pimp my journal is now, it's thanks to Anna! who is the shit! OK so right now i'm supposed to be typing an essay on what i learned this week in economics from playing monopoly. I didn't learn anything. I learned the hat character is luckier than the dog character. That is about it, oh yeah i also learned that the board we were given was missing some hotels. that sums up my week.HaHa. Oh when will mrs. wilson learn how to teach? mabye when she graduates from college. errr what? haha. well I am so sad. I couldn't get a job anywhere so i went back and talked to Mickey from the cheese and got my job back. It wasn't as hard as i thought. i didn't even have to suck up at all. So i start this weekend at some point i think. HaHa i gotta put this in
    MulletMan402 (10:36:04 PM): *Popsicle Joke time* (Trumpets in background)
    MulletMan402 (10:36:10 PM): what granted the fishes wish?
    Adela303 (10:37:02 PM): hm
    MulletMan402 (10:37:12 PM): do you give up?
    Adela303 (10:37:17 PM): no
    MulletMan402 (10:37:21 PM): haha
    Adela303 (10:37:30 PM): genie shark
    MulletMan402 (10:37:35 PM): nooo
    Adela303 (10:37:36 PM): what
    Adela303 (10:37:38 PM): shut up!
    *Anyways my day went fine, Lets all celebrate self improvement week with CJ. I've already compiled my list of ways I want/need to improve myself. I am really trying hard, I've already worked on it! I feel good about myself I am improving myself, to make other people like me more and it's just a good good feeling inside. To know that i am doing something that will make Anna happier. I want to do things to make her happier because i know she has enough stress on her mind. Cool. Anyways......I gotta get to writing that essay.
    *****Adela303 (11:55:24 PM): my own angel
    Adela303 (11:55:27 PM): :-)

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