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BK (ck612ck) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 20:35:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    how well do you know yourself?
    HEY GUYS!!! I had a pretty bad week so I figured it was time to have some fun blurty style. With the help of Maureen we have made up some questions about everyones favorite subject - themselves. Here's a quiz about the biba6 - see how many you can answer right. write your answers in the comment section. HAVE FUN!

    1) Which Biba 6 member answered the quizzo question, "what sport uses a pommel horse", as POLO?

    2) Who likes to pick fuzz balls off of its deformed bunny? And what is that bunny's name?

    3) What member can't throw a marshmallow for her life, but can drink faster than anyone?

    4) Who was the reason why Juice won the 1,000 dollar award?

    5) Who has a black dad?

    6) Who correlated a latin verse to "how do you solve a problem like maria"?

    7) Who drove on the lawn at Nazareth?

    8) Who was Sr. Camille obsessed with because she "applied" to BC?

    9) who's dad wore women's shoes?

    10) who is obsessed with craisins?

    11) Who had a knife pointed at her by two slovakians when she called them russians?

    12) who "collects" shot glasses?

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