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BK (ck612ck) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 13:05:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:neil diamond and simon and garfunkel

    All lies and jests, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest
    Yesterday was a nice day, because I got to see my dad, my internet started to work again, and my Nanny sent me a card. My dad came with me to meet my new doctor. She's sooo cool. Mo wants me to have her take me shopping. I'll try, but I think that kinda interferes with the patient/doctor policy line. She has such good clothes though.

    After I saw my doctor my dad and I ate at TGI Fridays on 42nd and madison. It was scrumptiliumptious. I really liked seeing my dad, even if it had only really been a few weeks. He told me though about my brother and how he's getting worse. I'm really scared for him. His day consists of sleeping, eating, going online, and then sleeping again. He told my dad never to go into his room, and if he can avoid it he tries as hard as possible not to have to see my dad ever. My heart is broken at the fact that my brother can be such an asshole to my dad. I love my dad, and I'm afraid something may happen to him someday before Tim can realize he too loves my dad.

    I don't think Tim is going to get better. In the summer I believed it was just a matter of time and that he would eventually get help and everything would eventually be fine. Now I'm on the outside looking in, and realize that you can't force him to do anything, and he really isn't going to get any better. He talks to himself, and makes up these crazy ideas all of the time. He's so wrapped up in himself, and the other guy in his head, that he's forgotten what its like to talk to other people. If you try talking to him he becomes startled. I want him to come up this weekend, but I don't know if he is. I want to tell him again that he needs help, but I know he more than likely won't listen.

    He listens to Chris, but that scares me too, because Chris hasn't been here to see the change, and I'm afraid he'll sympathize with Tim. Tim will play into that sympathy and the situation will just get worse. Chris knows there's a change in our brother, but he hates confrontation, and he probably won't tell tim what he needs to hear.

    In other friend Peter went into the city today and got the new thursday cd. He's burning it for me - I'm really excited. I loooooovvee Thursday. Number one song will always be Porcelain though, followed by understanding in a car crash. How great was that concert?!!! I still think about it, and how extremely awesome it was.

    I may go to Tinkers tonight and get my drink on. I don't know though - I have a lot going on tomorrow, so it may not be the best idea. This weekend is a big weekend though. HOMECOMING!!!!! It's also Kait, and Annie's birthdays so if my brother doesn't come up we're getting wasted for the entire weekend. I walked onto campus the other night coming home from Scranton and Nell and Annie both jumped me. They told me that I wasn't allowed to be sober all weekend. It's gonna be great.

    lol right now emily is listening to Neil Diamond - lol we're so perfect for eachother.

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