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Ashley (cinnamonspice85) wrote,
@ 2004-03-29 10:28:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:JC

    Well Saturday was a fun night, not only did I get to see two guys I haven't seen in a really long time, I also got to play Taboo which was really fun. And besides the fact that my boyfriend was a little disappointed that I didn't introduce him as my boyfriend I was happy on saturday. My sister made some good food and everyone loved her appartment. This was an overall good weekend...the best I've had in a really long time I wish it could have lasted longer but I guess I had to be brought back to reality sometime. Throughout all of that fun I somehow got sick....maybe it was because I was wearing a tube top and a really thing hoodie when it wasn't all that hot that day or at least not that night but I've learned my lesson....No more tube tops or tank tops until the weather is really nice or I could just wear a warmer hoodie. Oh I got one of my all time favorite movies...Dirty Dancing....OMG that movie is awesome.

    When it comes to I'm not doing as well as I could in Biology but I hope that I can come up somehow like I did last semester so I'll just have to work my ass off or something. In Chemistry I got kinda thrown off track last week but hopefully I can get back on because I feel more secure when I have an idea of what I'm doing...when I get off track I tend to worry and I don't like having worries...I'm too young for them.

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