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Cindarella (cindarella) wrote,
@ 2004-05-19 17:07:00
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    Pondering over Love and Faith
    So, I am at this point in my life where I am thinking about a Husband. I am 25 and I do have a daughter that is 3. I think about true love and my faith and wonder about this man I am waiting for. I've made list of qualities, I have imagined my wedding, I've thought of the bad times and how I would deal with them, and above all I've thought of my faith in Jehovah God. Yes, I am a Jehovah Witness. And I know that alot of people look down or talk about my religion. Some say that we are communist, people talk of how wrong we are about things. I say we are people too and we strive to live by the bible, God's Word. So what we don't celebrate holidays. Is that really such a big deal? So' not only am I a single mother, but a Jehovah Witness. I ask myself, since so many people don't know the truth ( God's Word ) then should I find someone willing to learn or someone already in the truth. I will not eliminate a good man because he doesn't know what I believe to be the truth, though. I was once the same. But, alot of people hear that I am a Jehovah Witness, and they don't see me the same. But I have always believed that your actions will set you apart as an axample in the end. Kind of like it talks about in 1Peter 3:1-14.....So I will keep my head held high, and I will not rush anything. Why settle? I want one good life partner with faith in Jehovah God and a good Spiritual and finacial provider, that I can love and be meek and humble in serving him and taking care of the family. Yes, that is old-fashioned. But, so am I.

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