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`·.¸¸.·°*¤ llvll꣡§så ¤*°·.¸¸.·´ (chyna_d0ll) wrote,
@ 2004-02-25 00:52:00
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    since i just deleted my livejournal (such a waste of all the hard work i put into that! lol) i wanted to save one of the entries from just before new years.

    2003 went something like:

    21st’s, air hockey, air mail, airport, alcohol, Alia, all berry bangs, America, Amos, Amy, angelina, Anita, arts, Ashanti, asthma, Australian idol, automatic café, backseats, bahaha! Bash, basketball, becoming, being lazy, Bentleigh, bic runga, #bifemsex, big brother, Big Mouth, bisexuality, biting lesbians, black tops, blockbuster, bludging, Blurty, boots breaking, botanical gardens, 'breathin’ easy', bumming, butterflies, cabs, Caitlyn, camera phones, canberra, cappucinos, caramel frappucinos, Carnegie, cars, car sessions, cats, CC USA, cds, Chadstone, change, chatting, chewy, Chloe, Chris, Chrisria, cinemas, city, clarytine, 'colourblind', 'come a little closer,' 'cooling', cool water, copying notes, cotton on, cougars, cramming, 'crave', Crown Towers, 'cry me a river', Cyndi, Cyndi’s asthma attack, czarina, Damian, Dan, Daniel, Daniel.O, Daniela, Dave, Daylesford, Debating, delta, digital cameras, dreams, 'dreams,' dress ups, drinking in the park, driving, dvds, Eko, Ellie, emails, Emma, Emmanual, emo, 'empty', England, Eric, Europe, 'everywhere', Fabian, failing a subject, Feeling Fruity, Felicity, finding nemo, Frankston line, french, froggy, funeral, Gene, Gentlemen’s Club, Georgina, Gerard, gia, Gianni, Gillian, girls, Glasshouse, glasses, 'goodbye to you', Greg, guitar, Guy, guys in eyeliner, hayfever, Hebrew, hello cards, hey you, Hithanjanee, hot guy Julian, Hotel Grand Chancellor, html, hypochondria, ICQ, i love yous, 'i miss you', internet, italian, Italy, Israel, Janice, Japanese, Jeff, Jessica, Jo, Josh, jpg files, jogging, juve's pizza, karaoke, Karen, Karen's car, karen dizon (from uni), Kelly Hu, Keysborough, kissing jessica stein, kristen Kreuk, LA, Late Macca’s, law, Leanne, lemongrass, library, Livejournal, Liz, LoLs, lord of the rings, Lorenzo, love, Luciano, lucky cup, Lucy, magnetic dartboards, making jewellery, maltese dogs, Marc, Marco, Marcus, Maria, Mario, Mark, Market, Mark's friends, Marxism, matrix, media, meeting new ppl, Melanie, Melbourne Central, Melissa, Melissa.P, Mens Gallery, Mentone, Michael.S, Michelle Branch, michelle n phu, Mirc, Mogenic, Monica, moving out, movies, Mrs. Fields, MSN, muahaha!, mum n gerry, nat, Next Blue, New York, Nicole, Nikki, 'not too shabby', Nova Vista, no vince, NUL, Odeon, Olly, old OLMC friends, online journals, orals, palm reading, parks, Patrick, payphones, peaches, Peel, Perth, petrol stations, pfft!, philosophy of science, phonecalls with private numbers, phonecards, photocopying, piano, picture msgs, pineapple, raspberry & lemonande, pink, pool, pregnancy tests, procrastinating, pubs, punk, QnA, rainbows, 'ralph', random guys @ clubs, 'randomness',red eye, rock, Roderick, rope nerds, Ron, room 208, Roxanne, Scotland, Sejus, sexyland, shopping, shorty, sign language, skipping lectures, sleep, smith street alleyway, Sonny, South Yarra, 'spicy chocolate',starbucks, STA travel, St Kilda, strawberry lush, stray cats, studded belts, subways, Sugababes, sunglasses, supersaver cards, survivor, Sven, table tennis, Tali, Tasha, tattoos, tea, TGIF’s, Thailand, the ATM line, the fruity feeling, 'the only one,'telemarketing, Teri, Teri’s friends, teri's underwear, thursdays, Tina, tinkerbelle, toe socks, toilets, Tomer, tori amos, trains, transvestites, trucker hats, uni, Uni Lodge, unwell, Vanessa, valentines day, vegetarians, vibrators, Victoria, Vietnam, vocab, wax, webcams, weed, 'will u be my girlfriend?', wrist bands, xchange, 'YOU dont understand!,' 'you're everything', xtina, zyrtec.

    yup, that pretty much sums it all up for me. =oP

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