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`·.¸¸.·°*¤ llvll꣡§så ¤*°·.¸¸.·´ (chyna_d0ll) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 19:38:00
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    Current mood: sick

    hrm been talkn to tali a lot on msn lately.. haha shes actually got back into the whole net thing again it is NOT my fault! lol she just sent me a pic of herself via email.. finally! lol i saw this pic of her in her room last wk..didnt even kno it was her coz i couldnt recognise her.. one from her deb she did.. but yeh shes wowies.. very pretty.. =P

    it was funny coz i introed tali and tasha on one of those 3 way convos on msn haha coz they both have really similar tastes in music n stuff.. so yeh.. thought it might be a bit weird.. dunno if that was a bad thing since one girl supposedly loves me and the other likes me lol i dunno ..but it was ok ..

    should i feel bad for doing stuff with sumone? i mean mucking around with tali? i mean shes been with her gf all yr anyways? and im sure they've been phsyical too? so i dunno.. patrick was talkn 2 me bout it the other day n he said that is sounds like tashas just keeping 2 ppl around in her life like that and that its not fair for both of us.. like she just needs us both for emotional support? hrm yeh made me think.. n i kno hes right.. but i dunno.. =o\

    shes on msn atm.. shes not really talkin 2 me either.. like i dunno i'll TRY n make convo but she gives me these one words answers n stuff.. shes being a lil short with me i feel like.. maybe shes talkn 2 other ppl or sumthn or maybe shes talkn 2 her gf even? lol ahh well..

    haha my journal entry for yesterday got like 6 comments so i was happy! hehe a few of my friends made me sum remarks.. kaz, marcus, patrick, tasha,, tali, and tina so that was cool.. theres a link to talis journal on mine so ppl could easily check out hers if they wanted to.. i think i have to make comments to her journal a lil more discreet i think lol otherwise ppl will start to wonder wths goin on with me? lol not that they dont kno..but yeh a few of them dont n stuff...dunno if i can be bothered keeping up to date with both journals.. but with this one i dont care how it looks n wat i say.. the other one, like i know my friends will read it n everything so yeh.. i wanna make my journal look better but i dont kno how? like i was reading bout stuff n it looked really complicated.. ? lol

    i was feeling soooo sick 2day.. like stayed in bed for hours.. couldnt get up =o\ sux cox of my exams n all.. im totally screwed.. im stuffed up this sem pretty bad so yeh.. not looking forward to my results at all really.. my glands feel inflated or sumthn lol

    noones really home atm.. mum n gerry went for a walk.. michelle went out n mark just went out for a bit too.. stuck at home here on the comp and it was such a nice day 2day too.. =) like one of the best days i've seen all week.. soo summery like.. nice n sunny with blue skies n stuff ahh .. makes me smile wen theres nice weather n stuff

    ok i feel like im not thinkn properly so im gonna go lie down or sumthn..

    take care

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