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Christina (christinarenee3) wrote,
@ 2011-03-09 14:59:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Never Say Never~ Justin Bieber

    Beginning of March :)
    February was good....not as good as I wanted though....I didn't hit my weight loss goal....but I'm still at a 7lb loss since Jan 1 so I'm trying to be super happy about that. I wanted to lose 11lb in 11 weeks....but I'm still 4lb away and I have about a week and a half left :-/ It is really hard to eat the way I want being in college....I want to go out with my friends and not feel guilty about a few beers and a slice of pizza but i always feel guilty....I'm trying to spend 2 hours in the gym most days... hoping at least I can battle my eating habits that way lol. I think that's why I haven't really gained much since January, I've been reallllyyy good with my workouts. I go to zumba twice a week (it's a fun, upbeat latin dance class) and kickboxing once a week....and the rest of the time I balance cardio with weight training. I can run a mile with complete ease....working my way up to 4-5 miles....then maybe I'll be able to start another round of insanity....trying soooo hard to be as CLOSE to 150lb as possible by June 11th....but i still feel so far away :-/ I think it's time to schedule my cheat days and healthy eating that i only cheat a couple times a week....ugh....wish eating healthy wasn't a part of losing weight hahahaaha i can pretty much tackle working out on a regular basis lol.....

    hopefully I can give you guys a weight update at the end of this month!!

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