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Chris Squared (chris_squared) wrote,
@ 2004-07-30 22:48:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Rocky

    Its been a while
    Yes it has been a long time since i've written here.....not like i havent had the time....remembering that we had a journal and remembering the password kinda kept me from doing what has all happened to me.

    Well on the very last day at lvc....we got the call saying that me, mandy, and megan got a triple, though it is in the nunnery....but in the basement right across the hall from the laundry room....very exciting....that was a good way to leave the school.

    Went to the shore with Chris Mo, Pizzini, and Trevor in mid May. Had a great time with the guys. They are the nicest, friendliest, and coolest.

    Started babysitting devil incarnates....and they truely are. I just recently had the crap scared out of me when the little boy had a seizure.....i'm still trying to get the blank, zombie stare from out of my mind....Scariest thing ever. Apparently i'm the only person these children misbehave for....I just want to lock them in a room. They drive me nuts.

    We also managed to re-decorate our basement....meaning mom bought bunkbeds so me and mandy now live back in the top room...and now we have a computer room with a futon so chris has a place to sleep over when he stays (which is most of this summer.)

    Today was not the best day. Chris left today...and thats where it all started. His packing skills annoy the daylights out of me... he didnt start packing until late today (as told by my sisters) and he managed to leave clothes and brace thingy. I wish he would honestly pack earlier. Sometimes he doesnt remember to do his homework until late, which really bothers me....but at least he doesnt lie about it anymore.

    Jessie is on my last nerve....she attempted to ignorantly steal my animal crackers and icing while on the phone with my chris. I was like...back off evil whore. So she freaked on me....just let me slit her wrists...really.

    Today i realize how much i envy chris.....he may have class for like 3/4 hours 4 days a week....and yet i'd rather have that then babysit this evil kids. 200 a week doesnt seem fair at all
    cause these kids are pretty bad. He gets to have most of the day off and he spends it with my family....He spends more time with them than i do, and thats rather sad. Plus hs gets to have a life, where as i get off at 4:30/5:30 and then by the time i get home i'm just so tired cause these kids are more than a handful. and on weekends i'm just tooo tired to do anything so i stay in all weekend.

    I havent been to his house in a while. We've been trying to get me to L-berg but our plans are continually getting ruined. so i'm just gonna hope for me getting there when chris is on break between summer school and lvc. I miss his family alot.

    Gotta get going....Mo finally came back on line


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