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Chris Squared (chris_squared) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 09:42:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Styx - Mr. Roboto

    Chris Mo here.....Sorry its been a while since our last post. We're gonna start writing on a more regular basis (hopefully) when school starts again.
    heres a quick overview of whats happened since our last post. Chris and I finished our first year of college with good (hers alot better than so proud of her) grades. I am now taking calc 1&2 at DCCC. I finished Calc 1 and have a 4.0 at DCCC and now im working on calc 2. I'm living with chris and her family sunday nite (after work) til thursday (after class) then i go home and work. Im still at papa johns (unfortunately), but now i work for my youth group leader doing landscaping. It's hard work, but i get paid more than i ever would with PJs. Chris is babysitting 2 little hellraisers (ive been informed that one of them is satan incarnate).
    It's weird, i feel more like chris' family is my own because when im home, most of my time is spent working. Saturday was Chris' grandmother's (G-Mom) birthday, so there was a really big shindig. I got to go and meet her family. That was cool, i really enjoyed it, but, boy do i sucks getting old...i can barely make it up the steps cause im so sore. Unfortunately, i missed my greatuncle's 50th anniversary party in pittsburgh. in order to go to that, i woulda had to leave after class on thurs, go home, pack, hop in the car and drive 7 hours to their house (would get there probly close to midnight), then leave sunday morning. that would be WAY too mujch driving for such a short visit, although i woulda liked seeing everyone again. oh well, ya win some, ya lose some.
    yea, thats about it. Chris and i just celebrated our 8 month anniversary (YAY :-D ). november will be here in no time.

    I gotta go to class now
    check back in september and hopefully more will be here...unless chris writes in it b4 then.

    Chris Mo.

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