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chris brown (chris9876566) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 17:56:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:u cant play music in the library

    just wasting time in the library
    well right now im in library. just sitting here, staring into the screen on my laptop while my fingers move in different directions as they speedily hit the keys on the keyboard. yes, thats right, im bored. bored bored bored. this should be my last class for the semester, then ive got 3 finals, one of which i have no reason to take and thats stats. im not going to even discuss stats b/c if i do, i might kill someone. so i will just say miss peng is the worst stats professor ever, she should teach chinese. the end. but yeah, ive got 3 finals and then im done til january the 12th. woohoo!!!!

    things im looking forward to:
    #1 is spending time with ashley. i have been so busy lately and i havent been able to see her as much as i would like to.
    #2 is disneyland. thats right i will be going to disneyland w/ ashley on the 22nd. that will be fun
    #3 is christmas. i'll be working either the 24th, the 25th, or both depending on if i have to bargain to get new years eve off.
    #4 is the new years eve show. that will be really cool show. its gonna be like warped tour in the sports arena! lol so yeah i hope ur going to that b/c its gonna be a blast.
    #5 the band. lol, im sorry u guys are so far down on the list but u know we'll be doing mad practice sessions in my garage over break. we're sounding really good and i hope we can keep this all going.

    i guess thats about all i have to say. i should go study or something but im too lazy to do, so i'll probably screw around on the computer a little more until class. lol. ttyl. chris

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