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james toma (chinesefashion) wrote,
@ 2012-02-20 09:23:00
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    Learn Chinese Culture by Tasting Chinese Cuisines
    Today I am going post a journal on how to learn Chinese by Tasting Chinese Cuisines. Depends on different nature resources and customs, cuisines in China are a big part in Chinese culture; foreign Chinese learners could learn Mandarin (online) through understanding and tasting the Chinese traditional dishes. As we known, human eat three times at least per day, surely, it will take you a quarter of a day to cook the meals and get the cookers cleared by yourself. It’s an important part not only in Chinese peoples’ culture but their daily lives.

    The biggest difference between Chinese cuisines and western is that here in China people used to having meals with chopsticks and deep bowls while foreigners are more likely to use fork, knives and plates as food container. Learn how to use chopsticks is necessary for you to enjoy Chinese cuisines. You should learn Mandarin (online) and learn how to adapt yourself into the big environment.

    When you learn Chinese, you may know that Chinese food are cooked in three main ways, fried, steamed and boiled. Some famous dishes that you may know, for example, Fish filets in hot chili oil(水煮鱼shuizhuyu) or Spicy diced chicken with peanuts(宫保鸡丁gongbaojiding), other ways of delicious food like Roast Beijing duck(北京烤鸭 beijingkaoya) and Sea food and poultry(佛跳墙 fotiaoqiang)are also very famous. Chinese cuisines are various because of the vast territory and a numbers of ethnic groups. You may have learned the food names in your Chinese lessons, why not trying these.

    Some foods have never been seen in western countries, for instance, dumplings and series of flour-made cuisines that you may learn at your Chinese lessons, in Chinese New Year Eve, family members eat dumplings in order to memorize a famous doctor named Zhang jingzhong and celebrate the New Year. Chinese cuisines are becoming more and more popular by foreigners and some day in the future there will be more people enjoy the nice food as well as learning Chinese culture.

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