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Sarah (chickie6224) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 12:04:00
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    Current mood: nauseated
    Current music:Magic Stick

    howdy kids!
    yea so yesterday...didn't really do much...i wanted to start reading my next book i really did (maybe) but i just couldn't find it. oh well! then went to gymnastics at 7 to find out that it was supposed to be at 4? yea wut ever but then clay came and we went up to see karen cuz she was there with the baby!!! elizabeth lauren!! see is soooo cute!! she's sooooo tiny!! i want one!!

    yea so then we drove around, went to wal-mart to figure out wut we were gonna buy karen for the baby...but then we realized that we had no money!! lol yea so then we called kay but she was too cool to pick up either of her fones!! Lol j/k girl! we picked her up, went to perks...then ice jack got ice cream...yea two days in a row!!! woo hoo!! wut about tonite?!?! lol then we drove around the center windows down....MUSIC UP!!! lol gts! then we went to lems cuz she was leaving for the cape and we needed to give her a hug!! lol yea so while we were waiting for her to come outside me and kay were dancing outside the car!! yea lem thought we were drunk!! (we wish!!) we scared people that walked by yea that was fun danced some more...then we left!! fun nite!!

    well i gotta go babysit around 2 til like 7 so if neone wants to do sumthin tonite holler at me!! i'm outie!
    oh and by the way some people are really confusing and suck at life!!! THEY MAKE ME SICK!!!

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