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dina (chicaboom) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 16:45:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:bob marley.. The best of Bob Marley

    i don't think sooo
    Alright so today i went to school which sucked ass becasue we had like so many thing to do. First of all i came out of the house with wet hair and went to school like that...couldnt even blow dry my hair cause of my DAD. Anywho, we have no cheerleading practice which sucks cause i have nothing else to do...wait i could go to the gym.. HAHAHAHA im so smart. Plus i might see one of my friends there cause he pumps iron everyday;-) I gota B+ on my math quiz today which for some reason im pissed about haha. Alright, so im talking to this one girl that i had a fight with and she was all pissed at me for no apperent reason so I was being all mean back to her because I didn;t deserve this so anywho I told my friend to im her and talk to her why she was being sucha bitch to me. So he imed her and was all spasing out at her then she imed me and was like Dina i wasn't trying to be rude but if you are gonna call me names then i won;t talk to you. I'm like yeah ok w.e:) So.... then she was like Dina you are the coolest, I LOVE YOU! im like oh now you are being all nice to me just when my friend imed you well thanks. HAHA so then we were col so I was like.. yay??!?! so we are friends now which is a good thing:)!!!

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