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Michele (chica_bonita_94) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 17:35:00
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    Current mood: indescribable

    I love you Carson Daly!
    New York, New York, my how many Asians you have... and what a population. The show was fabulous. and even though i got like an hour worth of sleep, i was so energetic. i felt like sleeping during the show but once we got to walking there was no stopping me and jess lol. it was so much fun. just a piece of advice... be careful of the asians... they cough so much. i was surprised i didnt get SARS. o man we ate at PLanet Hollywood in Times Square and i was shocked by the prices. a meal... i forget which one... was fucking 32 dollars. so i got a kids meal. so did the parents... except jessica lol. did i hate the bus ride... mainly because liz had to sit in front of me and be obnoxious the whole way there... so i tried to be a little more obnoxious than her. but on the way home... i listened to my new headphones so i didnt really have to listen to her. that was the good part. it was alright i guess... thats my overall thought.

    so im going to ashley's tonite and herself steph and i want to go to the mall... ne one feel like giving us a ride? lol

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