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MaLi (chevellerocker0) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 16:11:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Scooby Doo

    OMG I made it!!!!!!
    Today was such a wonderful day. I am so aflame to tell the world that today, I Mallory Murphy made the JFHS webteam. The webteam is a group of nerds that designs the school's webpage with HTML and frontpage and other Internet tools. I am so ablaze to finally be apart of this. The cool thing is is that anybody in my Visual Basic Class had the opportunity to sign one outside of that class had the chance to. HAHAHA. None of my friends were really ebullient about the deal but I am. Also, we have a new teacher; Mr. Hoisington. He is so off the Hizzle Fa Shizzle. I really like him a lot and I feel that I a can learn a lot from him. He knows so many programming languages and even knows CSharp. And he told our class that he could teach us a thing or to about it. I am so happy. Do you remember how I have that really expensive program called Macromedia MX? Well, he's going to teach us some things in that to. I am so lost in that program. But I know that I will have a pretty good knowledge of it after Mr. Hoisington teaches it to me. People you just don't know how excited I am.
    Erin: Thank you so much for pointing that fact out to me. I know why now and I owe it all to you. I think I'm going to sing a love song to you now. LOL not really **not the best singer** and you know are exactly right. And I will take that to heart...and not be such a bitch when me and you know who argue. You have totally opened my eyes
    well that's all for now children
    ( you can call me Barbie...or anything that you want but it's not going to get me know why> because I am on the JFHS Web Team.) Beat that OOOOOOOOO

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