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Kenny (chesney) wrote,
@ 2003-05-01 21:04:00
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    I didn't make it last night. I feel like a horrible father, aren't fathers supposed to be there when their child is brought into this world to greet them and hold them? Bryce was boring early this morning at 2:35 about 40 minutes before I even got to Utah. He's perfect in my opinion, what little hair he does have is blond and the doctor says it looks like there is a good chance his eyes are going to be blue and the main thing is the doctor said he appears healthy. Thank goodness. I can't wait for the venture into fatherhood, I just hope Faith will let me spend a lot of time with Bryce and Audrey. Speaking of Audrey, I'm not sure if she really knows what is going on. She was allowed to see Bryce for a few minutes this afternoon when my parents and grandmother flew in and she looked down at Bryce and pointed at him saying "Baby go back, back, back, bye bye" Hmm...

    Well I better get going now. Faith is yelling, Bryce is crying, Audrey is babbling, Gracie and Tim are both sleeping through this, and Maggie is giggling loudly at the TV. I feel a headache coming on

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