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Kenny (chesney) wrote,
@ 2003-03-11 10:43:00
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    A few useless ramblings...
    - The tour is definitly a go, why am I so nervous about it? It isn't my first tour or anything. I guess I'm just an idiot about it

    - My wedding would have been in 11 days. Is weddings being basically called off an average 2 weeks before the date a trend for the rest of my life? God let's hope not.

    - My birthday is in 15 days *crings* Geeze. Getting old sneaks up on you a little too fast sometimes

    - Happy birthday to those GC twins. Have a great one, guys.

    - I wonder if Faith will let me keep Audrey for a few days? If she would answer her phone, I guess we will see *shrugs*

    - How come headaches have to suck so bad?

    - How come Spring isn't hurrying up and getting here? *taps foot* I'm impatient!

    - *waves to Martina* Hey you!

    - *waves to Tim* It's hard to get a hold of you on the phone. Call me sometime...

    - I guess this is the point where I run out of things to say. I'm sure you all hate that fact...

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