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~*~TriXx~*~ (cheshire_grin) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 11:03:00
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    Current mood: infuriated

    So I'm completely fed up with my roommate. I swear to Christ he is the most INCONSIDERATE PERSON I've ever known. He always brings tons of people over to the house, and they smoke pot (in the basement usually) and drink and TRASH the house and he rarely cleans up after them. They eat all the food, the DAY that I bring it home (sometimes he brings it home) and they're so fucking loud. Vickers (my roommate) got fired, so he's got people over there 24-7. Did he forget that I have to work first shift? He's got people there all night laughing and carrying on and listening to music.

    Last night, I came out of my room (that's where I was because I didn't feel like socializing anymore) and THEY WERE SMOKING POT IN THE FUCKING LIVING ROOM. Did he FORGET that my PARENTS own this building? There is NO way the people upstairs couldn't smell it. My dad already knows they drink, and he prolly knows about the pot. But for Christ's sake this is getting out of hand. People don't even knock anymore - they just walk in. This is my house, too! I pay the rent! For example: I brought home three boxes of hot pocket-type thingies because all the food was gone (guess why?). And the next day, THEY WERE ALL GONE. ALL OF THEM. And then Vickers has the nerve to complain about me keeping food in my ROOM. I'm sorry, but I'd like to at least TASTE the food the I PAY FOR.

    They even go in my room when I'm not there.

    Bottom line, Vickers is turning our house into Brad's house. After he said it would NEVER get that way.

    And I'm kicking the slob out.

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