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Fast & coated with lip gloss (cherryinduhamxo) wrote,
@ 2004-05-28 23:02:00
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    Current mood:dazed
    Current music:rizzo machine- philly shreds gang war

    lately continued....
    thursday-marian and evanlushious got their lips pierced in the middle. its sexay, so i asked evan out he said yes but it was all a JKor was it?(no i definately was kidding!) We had this evacuation drill in our school today and everyone in the school went to the b.ball field."it was like woodstock 94' without all the pepsi advertisements"-brew boy. i went around and talked to people the whole time. came across some interesting conversations like a circle full of people talkin shit on our wonderful president, how unamerican or is it!(it isnt) then i walked into a convo an founjd out as soon as meg gets a new needle im gettin my lip pierced on the side.i cant decide right or left though,whatchya think? it was fun but i was in the middle of eatin a sandwich when the drill went off and thinkin it was a fire drill i left my sandwich in class, to get cold so the lesson learned is NEVA LEAVE YER shitty wawa breakfast sandwich behind! in spanish me an"the back row kids" passed around notes thw whole time about evan sucking an tom being dumb ya know this an that childs play then i confessed my plans of gettin my lip pierced and when i get it donewhenever im around my mom ill hide it by fronting this anarchy extremist an ill only speak in spanish and wear a black bandana over my face n' clothes that say destroy and i will fuckshit up and listen to sex pistols anarchy in the uk lyrics religiously -punk by the book.then 9th period wondered around with nick an did "art kid things"like stare at his portrait of a fruit bowl with pandas having sex in it and all my wonderful artwork that is in the art show. the art show was tonight i think i was obligated to go cause i was in it but i didnt go so ooo sheeeit. after school i hit up goodwill with ash got 2 plan tees. than tonight i made evanfaylushious a shirt that said"the TWIN TOWERS STILL STAND" meaning his bitch tits.

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