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Fast & coated with lip gloss (cherryinduhamxo) wrote,
@ 2004-05-22 01:13:00
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    Current mood:coffee-wait tha isnt a emotion
    Current music:misfits-helena

    i just got in
    today was fun.....
    all day in school i sat around and played hacky sack (like alll day every period-it was great), then went on the internet, then drew up this note to nick about how we evolved "if you stick a stick in the sand it will turn into a man- DARWIN still fuckin SHREDS"
    Marian got her pet rats yesterday and i told her to name one razel like the rat flea had in suburbia and she did -thats so cool- their names are razel and dazel WARNING to those who go over marian's she is training her rats to steal yer cigerettes!
    at like 4pm brian came over and we waited a long time for my mom to get ready and we listened to cock sparrer and poison
    got to phila seen all "the plaids" got out the car looked for alcohol got totally ripped got a little buzzed then caught up with renay(dont think i spelled that right)
    went into the show it was pretty shitty cept for the disasters well actually all the other bands were good too famous in vegas was real good but the crowd wasnt great at all prolly cause there wasnt a crowd and all the sycobilly rockabilly whueva the fuck was good but not to see live i think that had to do with the people though cus ive been to those types of shows before and they were great. o yea i almost forgot SO IT WAS THE PUNK VS. PSYCHOS TOUR......WELL WHO WON THAT ONE? punk is definately better live than psychobilly but outta the crowd i think skins would win that competition!
    after got off the train with brian and "the plaids" went to hang out for a bit with joe, ash, and brian went to bri's work and had fun cus joe is a funnie character and i got coffee!

    end of nightxoxo

    o yea so ally have a good prom?if you get one of those prom picture things i want one- their cute

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