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`* ManDer BeAn *` (cherrii_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 22:00:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music: VictoriaSecretFashionShow

    soo.. 16 eh? yeah.. its great, cept in the loset w.out my license.. lol the party kicked ass.. i had a great time.. big fun.. cory was gunna stay the night with me <3 .. but he had baseball in the mornin..and no1 was gunna be able to take him home.. so he asked me to stay the night.. so i told him as long as i get his bed.. and he is all like.. well that's fine..! i got silk sheets and pllow cases.. and yeah.. im like. effme. lol. ya kno what i mean? lol.. prolly not.. im feelin dorky..
    not happy with momma.. she is sellin tonka.. he leaves tomorrow.. i will miss that dogg.. i love him to death, and chance is pregnant again.. i cant wait for more puppies to get attached to ..fall in love with..and then get my heart broken when they get sold.. lol
    last night was our first game.. it was aginst ft myers.. and we tied 1-1/.. i scored the goal for my team, it was beautiful.. it was at about the 4 yard line.. oppostie field.. i loved it.. but 1st half .. i couldnt play too much... im playin on 2 rolled ankles.. a torn left hip flexer. and my left thigh hurts like hell.. yeah it all sucks.. but i love playing for north..and i am not gunna quit till im hurt till the point i cant move..

    later gater..

    M A N D E R . B E A N Z

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