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-k Money- (cherrie_s0da) wrote,
@ 2004-08-29 19:14:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:em - till i collapse

    new layout... check it out, its plain but i like it haha, tell me whatcha think.
    uhh yea so today i was declared the queen of express jeans by the lady working there haha. yea so after meeting with my pitching coach in friendlys i went to the holyoke mall. i really just wanted to go to express to get jeans because i love them there and there really the only ones that fit. and i found some i liked and they didnt have them in a long only a regular so we had to go to the endfield store and get them... then i got there and i was like the only one in the store and the stupid jeans didnt fit so the lady there made me try on 15 pairs of jeans and she called me the queen of express jeans haha, and yes i only ended up buying 2 pairs haha. but anyway that was pretty much my eventless day. so now im getting ready to watch the VMAs and im excited cuz jet is preforming which is awsome and i looove them. uhh yea but the olympics have the closing ceremony too and i dunno im kinda sad that there over, i mean they only come every 4 years and its cool to like be able to watch them and i dunno. its weird to think that i have to wait another 4 years to see them.. and michael phelps cuz hes amazing haha. but yea so thats what im prolly gonna be doing 2night, sounds fun huh? yeaaaaaa bOuNcE

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