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-k Money- (cherrie_s0da) wrote,
@ 2004-08-27 22:04:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:ashlee simpson - unreachable

    second day of tryouts..... im sore in muscles i didnt even kno i had..... honestly just my left leg tho.... uhh yea so today was another good day.... i went shopping after my second session and bought cooool stuff for my room, and at school i saw a special person again... so that was cool haah.... yea and now personally ive never been more confused in my life... i read cori's blurty and i dont kno what to do.. cuz well yea it just confused me and i cant like talk to her about it and help cuz i dont know what its about... so yea then i read leanns and i was even more confused but yea.. ill help in what ever way i can, even if its juts like dressing up in grocery bags and marshmellows and doing the salsa if it makes people laugh.. haha anyway yea thats my eventless day
    HOLY SHIT!! i almost forgot... haha this is just too big to forget, ok so 2morrow i was planning on going to the movies with some people, and yea one of my friends is bringing her boyfriend who just happens to be friends with the guy who is so hott that i like so um yea now hes comming.. haha its awsome.. anyway BOUnce see i ended the marquee this time lol thewhole thing isnt moving YAY!

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