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Cherlynn (cherlynnstarr) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 12:33:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Bad Touch by the Blood Hound Gang

    Distracting Myself With Hard Fucking
    I have just been on a wild sexcapade since my car broke down. I haven't wanted to leave the house by bus YUCK!!! So I have to let my lovers come to me. I have been stuffing my pussy so full of dick I can barely sit down. Let's just say my nine by two inch dildoe almost fits now *giggle* Also I was entertained by my lovely co worker and her intensive toy collection. Not to name names ;) She made me wear a vibrating bullet to the mall. My panties were so soaked I could not try anything on at all. She kept reaching for the remote in my pocket to turn it up. You could hear the vibration. What a naught little slut she was. I showed her what my strapon does to naughty girls ;) The parts for my car come in Wednesday so I still have to call around and confirm I am not bieng overcharged for parts. And call Mastercard today for more money YUK!! But I love my car and I always take good care of it. Kisses to all you sexy men out there. For all my naught phone friends just a reminder buy a headset. It get's really hot and then you accidentally hang up and have to call back. I am left in bed by myself alone fully penetrated by a large toy and nothing but a smile on my face. I do know what to do but I am always dissapointed with a hang up.

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