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chelsie (chelsxx) wrote,
@ 2004-03-15 17:41:00
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    Current mood:upset
    Current music:Korn-Yall want a single

    back to being pissed at mark!
    ok *BIG SIGH* well today was going wonderful until 6th period...i was reading my mag. and then mark comes and sits next to me im like ok cool...then i told him that i liked the casualties and all that stuff and hes like your so punk you like the casualties and im emo i shop at the buckle and wal-mart...i was like u dumbass you wear the same f-ing shirts all week!and i told him that i dont think he even knows what he is... and he was like well you know what you are...a person with a bad attitude DAMNIT I WOULDNT HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE IF HE DIDNT MAKE MY LIFE HELL! and i wasnt in a bad attitude so THEN he calls me a poser..and he was like no wait that was harsh.. and i said yeah it was...and he said well you dont skateboard you skateboard when you can ollie and kickflip and all this other shit then he said that he has had numorus people come up to him and ask him if i skateboarded and i asked who and he said like the whole skool like wesley asked him and he said no she doesnt skate. wtf for someone who says they have my back he sure can be an ass to my face! i dont get it... then i just ignored him and he was like your mean im not goina sit by you and he walked off..dumbass!

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