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chelsie (chelsxx) wrote,
@ 2004-04-29 21:57:00
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    Current mood: curious
    Current music:Im a bitch- merideth brooks

    holy hell!
    holy hell it has been a long time. ok so im still seein my counsler every other week he probably thinks ima wierd lil girl. anywho ok no matter how much i say i am over mark it just never seems to keep up to that... durf well fuck yesterday he was talkin to like 4 8th graders... talk about pissing me off... then me and chance got into it at break, mark is goin to prom with this fat ugly bitch and ya know i wasnt as upset as i thought i would be... i think i am beginnnin to have a new crush lucas but i will never like him as much as i loved mark i think who knows about me tho, i am on birth control yee fucking haw! i went to the ginocologist....yea.... it suxed! um i am also on anti-depressants... oh and today mark found his backpack cause he has lost it for about a week and i was lookin through it when he wasnt lookin and he kept a journal and he listed all his friends at the sk8park and the people he smoke weed with it was sayin all this other stuff and there was this girl named chelsea on there and i asked mark how do you spell my name and he was like WTF R U DOIN READING THAT! and i was like um i didnt read ur journal (but i actually did) and he said its not you its a diff chelsie.... man he got all pissy and so i just ignored him and so he came back in there during 7th period and i asked him if he trusted me and he said yes and i asked him if he liked me as a friend and he said "why cause u didnt see ur name on that list?" and i said yea and he said those are just people from the sk8park and we talked and stuff i felt kinda um mean and that i shouldnt of red his journal... um trina came to school bragging about cutting herself (fucking nut!) casie started crying at lunch because she found out trina cut her wrist..chance was actually bein nice today we had to put daniel in the middle of me and chance today at lunch tho! lol um brittany threw up her food one night.... damnit man that is alota shit that has i took the TAKS test it was hard as fuck! man i slept most of the day..4,5,6,7th period. kyle w. kept trying to get me to look at his ass cheek and he asked me if i taned and i said yea and he goes do you tan nude or with ur bra and underware on? i was like wtf y do u wanna know? ugh...guys these days but lucas said he taned nude ;-)..well thats all 4 now biaotch!

    its not about "lets be punk rock and hate the government" its about "lets be punk rock and CHANGE the government"-chelsie

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