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chelc (chel_c) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 14:47:00
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    Current mood:same ol same ol

    Subjective- goes here
    Eh not much going on today. Josh slept over last night, we chilled. Hes starting to get emotional about the dad thing lastly, probally cuz hes the only one thats seen it 1st hand. He has alot of strength he doesnt know about. I guess its better that way. He says he's missing alot, my dad, and that if he were in his position that it wouldnt be like this. The strangest things bring up these comments. Hair color, growth, age, comments, ect. I feel bad for josh. He had to grow up like that, well not nessacary grow i think my father had him in a time capsial, he never grew he simply was. Hes learning now, hes growing. Hes makes me happy somtimes, with the stupidest comments, and pisses me off with the worse actions. Bothers me yet, i couldnt live with out him.
    Talked to cody yesterday, i thought he was mad at me but apparently it was just chris not wanting us to talk cuz hes an ass. That pisses me off. Im gunna call cody sum time...maybe today or sumthing. Dunno ill talk to him i guess. Called ashley, shes at maggies. Yes that makes today hella boreding. But w/e right. Woke up this morning....No eggs, No milk, No peanut butter. and my lemondade was almost gone. I was quite upset. But what can yea do? well i can complain lol. so anyways then i went and watched orange county for a while, then me and my mom went to lowes to get shit to remodle her closet today (joyjoy) and then we went to teeter to get food. Yesum. Tis all peachy right now. Uh yea me and mom think we might redo the flooring in my bed room durn spring break, cuz we dont think we wanna go on vacation. I offered to take her to like flordia or sumthing but she said she had work, which upsets me again but wht can ya do? maybe shell change her mind and we can go to the bahamas or sumthing? yea think? Probally not. Anyways... we looked at carpet today, apparently my mother doesnt like the carpet and thats why we havent bought furniture for the living room yet. I dont like it either but its gunna suck cuz we wont get a carpet for annother 2 weeks and then 6 -8 weeks later we'll get furniture. Heh hopefully we;'ll have shit by spring break. Wow this is odd shit to be talking about but im kinda in the mood to, i dunno...vent. Or sumthing like that. Heh i was reading a former entery of mine. About love. what do you think? I dont think i should have to go threw life protecting myself from it, but i dont think it should be a threat either. Maybe some day ill feel about it passionetly. right now love is the last thing i need, but sadly the first thing i want. Whatever my time will come. haha. Alright well ive bitched and complained and talk or w.e enuf for an hour. so im out. Ttyl.

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