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chelc (chel_c) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 20:55:00
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    Eh bored. School starts up again tomorrw and i feel like im falling into a pit.
    n e ways. I hella tired, i didnt get to sleep last ngith till like 4:15....i was busy talkin online, and i actually wasnt tired till now. Woke up this smoring, and befor i could get in the shower, tony and me and matt toked up. Not very impressive id say, this is the 4th day in a roll ive been stoned, anyways so then i went back to sleep. and at about 2 i went to ashley's. We playd in puddles, best part of my day. The puddles. Some people hate rain, but i think its a shower of love. We just cant run around naked in it or the po-po will get us. Anyhooo. I think i may need to stop smoking, its not that i dont enjoy the after math of it all or anything its just, its become such a man focus and im getting addicted and i know it. I sit and class and hate nit fits about the middle of 3rd period. And then by the end of the day a ciggerette is like gold to my eyes. Pathedic and addictive. So ill need to stop that. Um goin to michelles bday on sat. Hopfully itll be tight. Im sure it will and all but i just meating new people htat i dont know ( her friends) will be really weird. at any rate... Im sure this is a pretty pointless entry but i g2g do dishes.....sick of this mother fuckin maid thing! urrrrg n e ways

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