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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-12-28 18:51:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:Korn -- Trash

    more shit that pisses me off
    I just read this article on CNN that was about some bitchy conservative college kids not wanting to fulfill a reading prerequisite before coming to campus. It seems that the abovementioned campus wants students to read the Koran before attending any classes. These students are bitching because they say it's "against their religion." I say that's bullshit. All the god damned university wants you to do is read the fucking book. They aren't saying you have to become Muslim or wear a burka or any of that shit. Get the fuck over yourselves. This would be different if it were a public high school and it were a class that was required, but you don't HAVE to attend that college. Scratch that sentence. It would be better if high schools taught comparative religion. Kids these days are only getting one side of the story and it's high time they stopped having the world handed to them in a tinsel filled basket. Learn about another fucking religion, and then carry on with your meaningless life. The other side to it is, if these kids have a problem reading the Koran as a prerequisite for college, then surely they would also have problems preaching their religion to other people who don't believe the same as they do, right? BAHAHAHAHA! Wrong. Thats right bitches, I'm betting the majority of these kids spend their weekdays bitching at their professors because they don't like what's being taught, and then go off on the weekend and preach their asses off to anyone who appears to have a shitty life. Talk about hypocrisy. Now, later on in the article it does mention the professors bringing up their political views when it is not pertinent. That is not something I agree with. Kids shouldn't have to agree with their teachers' political viewpoints to get a good grade at any time.

    You probably all think I'm a radical liberal. Well I've got news for you, kids. I'm neither conservative nor liberal. In fact, I despise both of those labels because they always have a shitload of bad connotations that follow them whereever they go. I'll tell you that I'm damn proud to support gay/lesbian rights, and with no less pride will I say that abortion should be a choice anyone can make, but having our right to carry a weapon taken away? Fuck no! Do I think that it's wrong to support Israel? Fuck no! I can agree with both sides. This brings me to my next point, gay/lesbian rights. I do not understand why this country is so fucking divided over whether or not two men or two women should be able to have all the benefits of getting married. Seriously, what the fuck. No, I wouldn't do it, but what business is it of mine if someone else does? What business is it of anyone's? Some people need to step back and evaluate their lives right now. You have thousands of people dying in Indonesia right now, and yet these idiot bible thumpers are still hell bent (no pun intended) on pushing this anti-gay legislation. Sit back, relax, and have a cup of this:
    Whenever I read these articles about people being against gay/lesbian rights, I feel like my IQ has dropped. I would carry on, but I think just writing this entry is causing me to become dumber. Have a shitty day.

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