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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 13:06:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:Lost Prophets -- Last Train Home (out of my shitty speakers)

    wow wasnt practice exciting?
    hello all just got back from an exciting day at soccer practice and running into the gym floor trying to keep a sphere of rubber and plastic out of the goal. go me. now im procrastinating practicing piano and working on my online class (DRRR WE STILL HAVE TO DO IT OVER BREAK! HOW IDIOTIC!!) and MSN isnt working for some shmucked up reason... and thats annoying me. well in other news I CANT WAIT TO GET MY ROOM REDONE! W000T so amused and so happy. yay yay yay. carolyn you need to update your journal. otherwise give me your password and ill do it for you >=) bahahahahahha i amuse myself. w0w its so bloody nice out... id like to go outside but i want to hang out with someone who isnt related to me... or at least not the annoying blonde child with no life. grrr.... human companionship... need... human... companionship.... -starve starve deprive deprive- i had an interesting conversation with steven last night. he asked me what kind of ring i wanted when i get married. it was pretty interesting... but steven is a cool guy so thats ok, even though he used to be not so nice to me =P w00t this song is awesome. hey look this entry is uber long compared to my last two. wow... not that theres anything anyone cares about but thats ok. Oh, btw carolyn.... I don't like Nathan! at least not in that way. bahahahahaa... and no, i dont care if he reads that either. well... ok thats all im writing for now. see ya!

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