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Er-Bear (cheeeesypoof) wrote,
@ 2005-05-03 00:37:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:i'm sensitive-jewel

    please be careful with me.....
    i have decided to take 2 giant steps back from where i was about a week or two ago and kneel down to society (at least temporarily.) i got my cushy little job at Dakota's Steak House and i got a cute little hyundai elantra cuz gas is soooo friggen high here! and i'm starting to work on the apartment again. things seem.....back to normal? ok not really but what are ya gonna do?

    to the person who finally decided to speak: i waited forever for that phone call or instant message or even a little email. i didn't even get a reason for the sudden wall that separated us. i felt the need to just get out of here and never come back. i completely understand that you had to leave me and i respect your decision if you think that was the best. but how can you be mad at me for leaving my old life when you did the exact same thing?

    at least some people are happy i'm back. i think its those nights at washington park debating whether or not to jump in the lake at 3 in the mornin after a few hours at Ralph's and a nicely packed clove while you're being spotlighted by the fuzz. oh you know you love it ;)

    yeah its good to be back.

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