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lips of ice (checked) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 16:39:00
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    Current mood:creative
    Current music:hotel california the eagles

    1000 corpses
    well well well, xang is bein so gay, so i decided to pull this old thing outa the closet again, ha. well im home from the beach for the night, and we found a horse!!! all looks good so far, n im praying it works out. last night we watched rob zombies film, house of 1000 corpses with ross quinn scott michele n schin. what a fcked up movie!! omg! but i loved it. scotts leavin on sat :'( even tho he gets on my nerves i will miss him. sams commin back to the beach with me 2morrow, trouble. i found a door on the haunted house that is locked with just a little lock, so mayb we can break that n get in!! ross quinn sam n i have been planing to sleep on the beach, i hope the weather makes a 180 so we can, cuz its been wicked bad. the other night michele schin gary n i made smores!! mmm we rode our bikes to the grocery, schin n i stayed in teh back to watch our stuff, n we found baskets so i tied them to my longboard, haha it was halarious.

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