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che (chebabe) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 21:42:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:surprised, not in a good way tho!

    thru the grapevine...
    So werd has it that my 'lovely' ex isnt quite as heartbroken as he made it seem. I wont get into specifics because that would be very not cool but er, lets just say that if these things i hear are infact true, i realy would have no problem if i never spoke to him again. Yeah, thats the truth, tho it would suck thats basically what its come 2. Oh well if that stuff is true then i'm really not missing out on much anyway.

    **YAY, i have awesome friends I love u all** random I know

    So I may be working at Dotz, woo hoo, lol well its a sucky store buts it money, right?
    Tenielles coming home today, Shawn is a mooshy romantic. He made her this awesome poster, bought her 2 dozen roses and baked her cookies. He is surprising her by picking her up at school at 10:15 cuz she was in florida and after she gets off the plane the school brings her back to the school so Shawn will pick her up. Then in her room the 2 dozen roses will be scattered on her bed and her sign will be on her bed and shell have cookies too. awws how *s w e e t*, lol "coughwhippedcough"
    Ooh baby yesterday Shawn and Josh got me soo bad (the pranks were really bad.. i mean no limits at all) it would take too long to explain the pranks but dude, they were mean. Oh well they shall get it back, right? Heh, maybe not. I mean yes they will, i need confidence in my abilities. Even shawn said im getting alil better, the key is to do a lot of random things, not like a few huge planned out things that are spread apart, but a bunch of random things heh. Okay, Im learning. Ow my heart hurts, I'm out yo.

    Quote of the day: "Ready to Fall?"
    " Ready to catch?"
    " Falling."
    "Fall Away" Lolll!!!

    Memory of the day: This jerk totally giving me an attitude in the line at the cafeteria.. dude shes a jerk. Rach u saw it right? Ima smack her up yo, lol.

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