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Stefanie (charming_stef) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 16:19:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:*chicks dig it*chris cagle

    *Ill be your friend forever, just wait and see*
    I cant believe that in 2 days I will be going to Maine..Leaving my baby boy all alone out here in big bad Chicago..He doesnt even know how to do laundry..I feel so bad for him..Tonight I am going to have to show him how to do laundry..So hopefully he will be able to make it 6 weeks alone..I dont think he will make it happily but I know he can make it..He will have school to keep him busy most of the time..So..yeah..My poor friend Shayle..I feel so bad for her..She likes this guy named Chris alot and all that but he doesnt want to have a girlfriend right now..In all honesty though Chris has never had a steady girlfriend..I have known chris since I was like 6 years old, He is my boy.Actully all the guys I hang out with I have known since I was 6..well there is a list of them i should say: Chris, Ryan, Robbie, Jeremy,Danny,and Andrew..These guys were all my brothers friends..He is my step-brother but we consider each other real..I love my brother so much.he is only 2 months younger then me.But if you look at him you would think he was about 21..Well anyways back to my story..Chris and Shayle had a thing a few years ago..And now that they hang out agian we all are going through what happened a few years ago..When I say we are going through it i mean all of us..Because shay has to invlolve everyone..She comes to me cuz I give her all the advice.But everyone knows whats going on..I feel bad for her cuz he talks abotu all these other girls and banging them and I guess that when she talks about it, he gets upset..Its wicked confusing..I love them both though..I am coming home in 2 days so she is excited because I can go and help her through her problems..OHHH!!haha..well anyways..I am writing so much for some reason..and it doesnt even make sense..HAHAH..thats me though..I am watching the Sharon Osbourne show and they are talking to Seth Green about Party Monster..It looks like such a good movie an amazing movie I definitly want to go and see it..well i should probably go and pack..How bad am i..I have to leave my house at 4:30 in the morning on Saturday and my packing still isnt done..I am so bad..Oh well.I am out of here..I love you all and have a good day..

    *Someone is working on a MASSIVE EVIL PLAN*


    *dale daigle and stefanie cress forever in love forever together*

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