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chantz hallmark (chantzhallmark) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 13:42:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:Tool- Eulogy

    Damn there isnt anyting to do today.WHile ive been sitting here rotting away all day my girlfriend is off getting hit on by some suntan smuthered football jock at sliterbahn.Its not her fault she went without me.She had to go w/her family but it still aggrivates me to think about her out there with/out me and she is so bubbly and nice.I can just see it.WHAT IS WRONG WITH!?I think im a bad boyfriend.Why do i get pissed about stupid shit.This is the kinda bullshit you always hear girls bitching about."he's so jelouse".I mean i get hot tempered about things like that alll the time.Why cant i just relax and not get worked up?But my girlfriend is a real not insecure about us or anything.I know i got her but I just want every guy in the world to BACK the FUCK OFF!! it wouldnt be so bad if it was both of us but its not. I dont think most of the things that i get worked up about would get to her.I think she only gets pissed about shit like that cuz i bitch about it and she sees a double standard if she does'nt, but i dont know.she is confusing.I dont understand her somtimes.I dont understand me. i hope i get to see her today.Maby i just need slow down and quit trying to control the world around me..... I love laura.
    i got to go to the eye docter and get some smokes so i caN get lung cancer before i get old.....who needs to live past 40?

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