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Cat (chanelbebe) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 15:23:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Suite Chic - Damn Fight

    Horrible day...
    First day of school today. Kelly Lundin and I were standing there waiting for the bus and it never came. Sho.. her dad drove the both of us to school. 9th grade orientation... omg I was SOOOO confused. =( I had a really bad day. It was soo hot out and I had to eat lunch outside... the hot dog was gross sho I threw it away as well as the popsicle. Sho all I ate was two slices of tomato and some pasta crap. I got fucking FRIED outside eating lunch. I HATE mai fucking health teacher. That guy must be gay or something. He is sooo fucked up and too picky for a guy. Picky as in homework... he gave this kid a C-... the assignment was to do a collage about yourself... and the kid DID do a collage buh he didnt like just because there were some spaces. Well I'm probably gonna fail cause hes an ass ;( Oh also, he freggin got mad at everyone that was late to class because we couldn't find his room. It's our first day bastard. UGH He kept spazzing at everyone like "why can't you read your schedules" blah blah I'm like shut up... Right.. I have NO friends in mai English class, Geometry class(GRREAT.. I have Geometry with the 10th graders too..), and Science class... To top off mai horrible day, I took the wrong bus home... it said online that I was on bus 5... buh NOOOO turns out I go on bus 9. When I got home I was so fucking hot cause I was walking to mai house and well mai make up like wasn't in place like it was in the early morning.. it was all over place and UGH. Fuck. FUCK FUCK FUCK. And Katie moved sho that makes it all worst. Shit.

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