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*chocolate* (chamorrita) wrote,
@ 2005-06-23 22:05:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:MTV Music Awards

    Safe gas, ride a bike!
    Today was a good day. We were kinda busy at the ABC in the giftshop today. My coworkers are a lot of fun. :)

    While I stocked the fridge, my supervisor, Will, came from outside and was like, "Bernelle is that your ride?" And started laughing. Ciana just came in to tell me that they were here to pick me up. And I was like, "yeah." Thinking that the pathfinder was a nice car to be picked up in (Gerie earlier said that the idea of me driving a pathfinder is cool.). He told me that he was laughing because he thought that the two bikes outside were my ride. I was like, "uh no!"... kinda. So I finished up stocking the fridge thinking that the pathfinder would be outside. I walk out and there was no pathfinder. It was my sisters on their bikes. Ciana had a skateboard. Apparently it was for me ride. They were like, "The car broke down at Paseo so dad brought the bikes."

    I started laughing so hard. The whole scene was hilarious. They came to pick me up in bikes and a skateboard. I was laughing my head off. I took the skateboard and we all went merrily along. It was fun. The sun was setting and the weather was great. It was nice to just get out and get some exercise with my sisters. We had a good time. I saw some of my coworkers by the beach. lol. They waved and were nice as usual.

    Ciana eventually took the skateboard and I went on the bike. Fressie was ahead and Ciana was on the skateboard. She had to run a bit because the sidewalk was kinda messed up. I was like, "Ciana are you sure you don't want me to pack you?" She was like, "not its ok." Then we got a whiles up and Ciana was packed on Fressie's bike and I took the skateboard on mine. They were ahead of me and then I saw the car parked by the beach by one of those pavillions. Ciana and Fressie were passing the car and I was like, "what in the world..." They thought I didn't see the car and wanted me to get lost. lol ai adai.

    So we loaded the bikes and the skateboard in the car. Fressie suggested going some place and riding, but Ciana didn't want to miss her show at 7. It was already 6:45. So we just went home. We were going to go to Asan and bike for a little bit but of course, we can't miss Smallville. :P:P So I was like, "ok, we're going to go bike-riding tomorrow!" We were a bit more talkative on this ride home too. We were in good spirits. lol.

    It was a great ride home. :D

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