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Stefanie (chalupa328) wrote,
@ 2004-12-28 13:50:00
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    Current mood: horny

    scratch n sniff thongssss
    hmm wow its been a while... school got out last week, wednesday was our last day... thursday i think i hung out with bobby since tara still had school.. christmas eve came along and it didnt feel like it at all, maybe because there was no snow...that night me and bobby exchanged gifts and he got me a really nice necklace and matching earrings :)

    Christmas- well it didnt even really feel like christmas, kinda weird... it was an okay day i guess, different that all the others have been so i kinda missed that.. well i woke up and went downstairs and got my stocking... and then i got in the shower and got around and then went to church... after that we had a special breakfast that my mom made and then we opened presents.. then we went up to my grandmas house, my aunt had to work later that day so we opened our presents from her and then we ate lunch, and then we opened some more presents and sat around and talked until my uncle got there... he was late so he had something to eat and then we opened the rest of our presents, we all just kinda sat around and talked and then me, my brother, and sister went up to my other grandmas in Rome and my dad was there... she gave me some money.. we were there for a while and we talked and watched a basketball game... then jared went home and me and my sister went with my dad to his house... he got me a really nice necklace that has my initials SC on it and a gift card.. then we opened presents from m step-mom's parents and she got me some really cool clothes... that night i watched The Elf with my dad and then I stayed up and talked to Netti, my step-moms cousin who is living with them at the moment.. i went to bed around 2am... so for christmas i got a lot of clothes, some money and gift ceertificates, 3 pairs of shoes, a lot of makeup, and some other stuff i cant really think of right now :P

    sunday- slept til 11 and then i woke up and showered and stuff and just kinda hung around for most of the day until my dad took me and my sister home, where i pretty much just stayed home and hung out, made plans with jess to go to the mall..

    monday- woke up and showered and waited for jess to call about going to the mall, she wasnt feeling good so we had to wait and make sure she could hold down food, she did.. so i went over ot her house and we left at 1:30... we went to JCPenny first and didnt see anything there... her mom got a leather coat though, and then we went to charlotte russe and i got a shirt and a sexy pair of undies ;-) lol and from AE i got a belt... and we went to claires and Aeropostale.. there was this shirt i really wanted but they only had it in XS and L... so i couldnt get it... then we went up and i had some picnic pizza, i saw arica there... then we left and went to Old Navy, i got a shirt, a purse, and i scarf sorta thing that i would wear as a belt, its pretty cute... then i went to jess's and we hung out and played with out makeup for like an hour until her neighbor amy came to pick us up to take us to the games.. the girls were playing when we got there and they were losing, and there was this lady that was yelling and wouldnt shut up and she was pissing a lot of people off, so we started yelling stuff and we were mocking her n stuff.. it was pretty funny, and then this little kid asks to be my boyfriend and is telling me to break up with bobby, and hes like 7, and then hes asking me if i love him and stuff..haha it was cute, but kinda got weird after a while, then he was like you like him more than you like me and he got all sad, he gave me a hug and was trying to get me to kiss him, but he eventually left.... the boys ended up losing too.. but there was this tall black kid that did this awesome slam dunk, it was pretty cool.. he's actually the son of this doctor or w/e that works with my mom, apparently he always asks how i'm doing :P lol well coty kron tried to do a slam dunk and he missed it... and he ends up breaking his ankle later so that wasnt good... but bobby played pretty good.. they still lost tho, after the game bobby took me home and i watched some tv and talked to bobby on the phone and eventually fell asleep..

    today- woke up around 10:45 and ate breakfast then showered and stuff... i put my sister in the shower then blowdried her hair, and i got all ready and did my makeup and stuff... had something to eat and now im just sitting around.. i have to stay at home with my sister cuz my brother went to the mall, so i'm kidna bored.. oh well, i'll prolly go to bobby's later...

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