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Stefanie (chalupa328) wrote,
@ 2004-12-16 17:49:00
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    Current mood: lazy

    chicken cordon bleu
    Tuesday-we had a guest speaker in global from Ukraine... she was actually kinda pretty. the guy tho was like wearing these purple pants and these weird shoes, prolly from Ukraine.. his pants were so tight tho that like when he walked you could see his balls.. haha yeah it was gross. I also had my assessment and of course i got a 6! :D After school i went to elm street with bobby and played with the little kids.. then i went to jess's and then we went to the game.. we sat with allie for most of the time... jv lost really bad, and then so did varsity.. yeah it sucked.. after the game i went home and worked on my powerpoint presentation

    Wednesday- school was okay as far as i can remember.. nothing too interesting... i had my mom pick me up after school at jess's at 4 so i could go home and work on my powerpoint presentation for a realllly longgg time... it really sucked, i didnt even understand half of my article i had to have my mom TRY to explain it to me... eventually i took a break and we went to walmart and i got this thing forbobby and i got my snowball pictures.. they came out pretty good. i'll put them on the internet when i get a chance.. so then i worked on my pwrpnt for a while, talked to bobby and then went to bed around 11.. which is late for me by the way

    Thursday- i didnt even wanna get up.. i was so tired and stressed. i didnt want to come to school but i had to cuz i had my powerpoint presentation and i would get in trouble if i skipped that. I found out i have a 95 in algebra 2 and a 96 in chemistry for interm reports :D lunch i was like shaking so bad cuz i was so nervous for my presentation... colin did his 7th period and he did pretty good, but then again he did his on baseball and he loves it and knows alot about it.. i did mine near the end of 8th period and my slides were like not working right... some words just wouldnt show up and it skipped a whole slide once... i was getting so mad, and it was making me even mroe nervous, so that made me do not so great.. it was okay i guess, some girl came up and said i did good... but i still think i could have done soo much better and that makes me mad.. after i gave it i had my asr class critique me which sucked.. haha i did so much stuff wrong, but at least we arent graded on performance, just the fact that i did it... after school i tried to play badminton with bobby but i still cant figure out how to hit the ball, haha.. i was soo much better at pickelball.... and then i worked out for like 10 mintes :P and then went to the library o see jess, emm, and kell... and we worked on our english projects... then i went ot jess's and she finally got her computer back today!! :D and we got some food and watched Date My Mom like we do eveyrday... and now im home.. gotta start my homework soon.. thankgod all my asr crap and bios are done, now i dont feel so stressed and i can just relax and get some sleep.... :)

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