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Stefanie (chalupa328) wrote,
@ 2004-11-23 17:17:00
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    Current mood: cold

    in yo face
    well yesterday i had school, it went alright.. nothing exciting really. i didnt work out though cuz i had a haircut at 4 so i just walked over to elm street with bobby and waited for my mom to pick me up from there... i just kinda hung out for the rest of the night... worked on my chemisty lab report for a long time which was a total bitch, yeah i really look forward to the next one i have to write... didnt talk to bobby that night though because he had a basketball scrimmage and i was asleep when he got back, but apparently they did really good and they won

    today i woke up and went to school.. i was thinking about going to penn state to pick up my brother but then i changed my mind... school went pretty good. I had bowling again and i got my highest for the class with a 98!! haha yeah i suck.. i saw allie there and cassie. this neil guy said that "someone" looked like jar jar binks and it was pretty hilarious... then i had chem and i bought a york peppermint patty :) lunch was pretty gay cuz no one was there and the fucking pizza wasnt even cooked so i like didnt get to eat anything... and then for ASR, it was pretty fun because colin mckean wasnt there so we didnt do anything for a whole period.. we just got to "chill" but then the next period we worked on our research questions and hypotheses which wasnt too bad... after school i walked to elm street again with bobby and we were inside at first and i have a jr bacon cheeseburger from wendys and then we went outside and we played basketball with the little kids... and THEN bobby fucking chucked the ball at my as hard as he could and i turn around and it hit me in the face, and yeah i got pretty pissed cuz he just laughed and he didnt even say sorry.. and it fucking hurt like a bitch, but whatever, im over it. i got home around 4:30 and i helped my mom eat dinner by cutting some fricking onions... i cut about 150 of them cuz they were miniature ones but then the tears started coming so i quit... now im about ready to go do some laundry and then clean the bathroom for some money since my brother is coming home.... later i'll prolly go with bobby after he gets back from basketball practice...

    ...later 8-)

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