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Stefanie (chalupa328) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 09:48:00
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    Current mood: thirsty

    Friday - school was okay.. then instead of practice we had this team bonding thing which turned out to be pretty fun... we played pictionary and guestures and stuff and ate food.. after that i had to go out to dinner at yanuzzi's cuz denis had some relatives up... then i went to the sayre game and found bobby and sat with him and then we walked back to his grandmas :) ...i love you! :-* then i came home and got on the computer i think and eventually went to bed.

    Saturday - i was up at eight and went to bobbys and stayed there for the whole day and hung out.. it was pretty fun... his little cousin briar was there and he is soo cute :) i went home around like 3:15 cuz bobby had to go get ready for the football game.. so i hung out at home and then went to the game.... yeah we lost pretty bad, but athens hasnt let more than 7 points the whole season so it was good that we got like 21 or something... but bobby hurt his shoulder right before halftime and he was out for the rest of the game :( ...but i came home and just hung out and eventually went to sleep

    Sunday - got up showered n crap and went out to breakfast with my mom and siste... then we went to the mall to look for a snowball dress and i found one.... i also got a pair of pants and a bra :P so then we came home and i think i pretty much just hung aroud the house for the rest of the day... i was supposssssed to go to the movies with bobby but he backed down last minute to go to his cousins house... i was a little upset but whatever.... so yeah i was bored all night long... i think i went to bed at like 1:15...

    so now i just woke up and bobby is hunting so i prolly wont be doing anything the rest of the day cuz all my friends have plans and i prolly gotta watch my sister anyway.... andddd i got a lot of work to do for ASR....

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