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Amanda (chachabangbang) wrote,
@ 2004-09-08 20:18:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:my fish tank...sounds like its peeing

    Kangamangus highway
    Hey all!!!! whats up???? not much here....i just relized NO ONE GIVES ME COMMENTS!!!!!! please leave a couple...i feel like i'm tlaking to myself here!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so now that that is out of my system...lalala i'm upber bored...just got outta the shower ...still in my a matter of a fact i'm going to go get dressed and then come back and if i hadn't have told you, you wouldn't have even known!!!! haha. Well now that i am in my comfy pajamas i shall talk to you about my World studies was pretty boring...nothing special...we worked on the world religoins thing, then English was alright, yet again pretty boring but it was OK. um and then P.E. were we played speed ball and ....idk it was fun i a pe game that i might have had fun in....GASP lol...then lunch which of course was wonderful and then back to 20 minutes of PE where we played b ball and talked. and then good ol algebra last....and definitly i got to know the kid behind me kinda and now i know a little abotu the kid next to me....oh yeah also i learned a little about spirit week.... the girl diagonally from me (Jessica..she is cool) said she was bringing in rulers for the freshman but she wouldn't beat me because she doesn't beat freshman she knows lol and yah...i came home and did not a whole that was my day! wooh arn't you just reved up abotu this entry!!!! haha lol yeah well i'm out bored....ttyl!!! bye

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