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Charli (ch3ar3li) wrote,
@ 2006-08-01 15:15:00
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    Blah Blah Blah
    I am bored, and I am tired, and I am the ONLY person in my dorm who is actually home. Pretty lame, heh. Just sitting here on my laptop listening to some old music to remind me of the past, and waiting for 6 PM to roll around so that I can see Nick, I am going to be so Lonesome when he goes back to Detroit, but Hey, I got Dave to hang out with. One problem: Dave likes me, and wants to date me!!! I DONT GET IT!!!! Oh well, ill just hang out with Dave, and maybe John if he dont go back to pennsilvania, and Dustin if he dont go back to Indiana before I do. But Class was a bore, I am getting through math like a breeze, its easy as hell, I mean its starting to get more difficult, but its still really really easy! I broke up with AJ 3 days ago now... He hasnt called me amazingly enough. Nobody has. Nick and I see each other so much living on campus and all that we really have no need to call each other. Its just wierd, I straight up and left my phone in the dorm this morning. I didnt even think about it because no one has been calling me. I had to remind myself just to put the damn thing back on the charger last night. Bad heh. Well Im out

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