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adults only (ceili) wrote,
@ 2006-09-15 12:21:00
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    Finally retired, for now
    I offically ended my over 31 years with the Defense Department on September 2nd. Since then, I've been running non-stop and need a retirement from retirement. Long stories short:

    I've been spending more time with my dad since mom died. It is a 3 hour trip to his house so the high price of gas has been a royal pain.

    I've started a class in Spanish to be able to use verbs and not just nouns.

    I've started back with Irish Ceili and Set dancing. Ceili is the 'advance and retire gropu dancing similiar to line dancing. Sets are more like other Eueropean folk dancing. 4 couples dance with their parents and each other in a small space. Both are very physical and have helped me lose 20 pounds since I was operated on in May.

    Tonight wil be my first full attempt at Swing dancing since my operation. It has been awhile so I'm going early to take advantage of the free lesson. It never hurts to relearn the basics. Triple step, triple step, rock step. Besides the band tonight is excellent and worth the price even if I wasn't dancing.

    I just took a TB test. I'm applying to be a substitute teacher in both Virginia and Delaware. I live in VA and dad is in DE. I'd like to spend full weeks at dad's and being on the substitute list in both places would allow me to suplement my retirement.

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