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CB Droege (cbd) wrote,
@ 2004-09-22 00:23:00
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    Out-of-context Forum Post: Mild-Mannered
    I didn't mean for you to take any of my comments as personal. I was never actually talking about any of the people on this forum... I guess I could have tried harder to make that clear, and I apologize.

    Your critical comments were all directed at me personally.

    You obviously don't want to hear any real opinions about things from me so I'm done with those. I'll go back to how I've been most of my life... A sheep on the outside.

    I thought this was a place where I didn't have to do that, but it obviously is.

    CB no longer has any opinions that differ from the masses (zap)

    CB will no longer talk without acting on his opinions (zap)

    CB is a tool of the establishment (zap)

    CB is timid and introverted (zap)

    CB does not discuss politics (zap)

    CB does not discuss religion (zap)

    CB does not dream that he one day could join an expedition to Mars (zap)

    CB Hates Bose speakers (zap)

    CB is a mild-mannered, fun-loving individual who has well-rounded and balanced view-points on all topics. He is political but non-partisan, loving the freedom that our system represents. He is spiritual, but not religious. He will someday settle down with a wife in a small house in the suburbs with two kids, two cats, and a big backyard. (zap)


    You can all rest easy now... The monster is gone.

    I am Legion. Nice to meet you.

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