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RJ (caviesnare) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 01:00:00
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    MY day
    It seems like everyone else has one of these, so i thought it would be cool to start one myself. I have alot on my mind, a always. Well...Today was a pretty crappy day. that seems to be how the majority of my days go nowadays. First off, i left my wallet and my phone at home. my wallet had all my money, and ID's and stuff in it. an my phone..well, its my phone, i just need it. SO i used my friends cell phone to call me mom and tell her. She send me my phone, and since she couldnt find my wallet, she brought me $10. unfortunately, my pockets are so big, that i didnt wanna put my money in them, cuz i was afraid it would fall out. Sooo, i found nicole in the since this is my first entry, i guess i have to explain to eveyone who these people here we go...nicole is this girl that i'm downright crazy about. We're pretty good friends, and she's really cool most of the time. but today wasnt one of those days, so back to my story. ok... i found nicole in the hallway, and i asked her to hold my money for me until we got to 7th period. i gave her the money because i trusted her enough to let her hold it. but i guess i was wrong, cuz when i got to 7th period, and asked her for the money, because i owe her $5, she decides to take it upon herself and take 5 of my dollars. now at 1st, it was funny and everything, but i got mad when after like10 min, she still wouldnt give me all my money back. by the time lunch came around, i was pissed. she tried to say something to me riht b4 we left, but i ignored her. it's crazy how mad she can make me sometimes. but to make a long story short, i finally got my money back after school. and just like every other time i get mad at her...somehow, im still nuts about her in the end. it's weird how girls can do that to you. so after all that drama, i went to our little snare sectionals, and we worked on visuals for our drumline competition tommorow (well actually, today). after all that, i went to mansfields homecoming game. i was a waste of $7. i should have went to tims party. My so called best friend ariana was there, with quenton. He's like the only black person in mansfields drumline, and he was the main one i talked to in my little "stint" with them. but anyway, out of all the guys in that huge school, ariana just so happens to like the only one i know. she has a history of doing that, and i ate it sooo much. but there's not much i can do. he won homecoming king. i tried to be happy for them, i really did. but it wasnt working. ariana was with quenton, ana was with c-rob, and ariana's friend had a date too, so i just left. im not jealous though (that's what i keep tellin myself), im just frustrated i guess.
    well on the brighter side, plano drumline competition is tommorow, and i can't wait. we're gonna show everyone who the best drumline in tx is. but we can't do that unless we get some sleep, lo. so i'm out for now, but i'll keep you posted. cya

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